Company Overview

Start Date: 2004

Company Bio: Turnstyle Design, led by Lieve Saether, is a full-service Austin based interior design firm. Specializing in the creation of highly distinctive interiors and high-end finish out of residential and small to mid-sized commercial projects. Known for their creative use of unusual combinations, they interpret interior design by turning style on its head and changing the way we experience the things around us. Their goal is to help you achieve the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics while making your home specifically reflective of you and your family.

With a firm belief that design is rooted in both history and approachability, Turnstyle brings a globally educated eye, creating spaces that set a homeowner or business apart. Turnstyle Design serves to tell a homeowners our unique story – the story that best identifies them to anyone who walks through their doors. They create the ultimate in exclusivity and create a personal signature in anything they design, turning a house into a home and a business into an experience beyond a brand.


Notable Growth Stats: Single person firm to 5-6 employees in 6 years


8701 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste. 302

Austin, TX 78757

Founder / Principle Designer: Lieve Saether


Ashley Gierke, Erica Brown, Catherine DiPersico

Turnstyle Design Contact Details:

Office Phone: 737.333.5800


Direct Contacts:

Catherine DiPersico

Ashley Gierke

Social Handles:

Instagram: @turnstyledesign

Facebook: @TurnstyleInteriorDesign



Services Offered:

  • Full Service Interior Design for both residential and commercial spaces

  • Project Consultations

  • Design Inspection (a property walkthrough service). Homeowners tour potential properties with principle designer/owner, Lieve Saether. Helping them to envision where a house may have potential, easing the buying decision and better informing a homebuyer.

Typical Job Cost:

  • Full Service Design: $50,000 - 2.5 million

    • Well-designed projects typically run: Kitchen Remodel: $75K -$100K (plus appliances) Master Suite Overhaul: $175K - $250K Master Bath Remodel: $60K -$90K Whole Home: $500K +

  • Consultations: $375

  • Design Inspections (property walkthrough service): Starts at $475

Awards and Affiliations:

HGTV’s Faces of Design

 Fresh Home’s Best Interior Designer in Austin

Best of Houzz Design: 2015--2018

Best of Houzz Service: 2014--2018

HGTV House Hunters Renovation Designer

Selected by Delta Faucets as a representative in the commercial launch of their most recent product line.

Proudly collaborating with Austin Chamber Music Center and Andy Roddick Foundation

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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2016

Magazine Coverage:

  • Cottage & Bungalows Magazine

  • Austin American-Statesman

  • Birthmark Magazine


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Media Assets:

Photo of Lieve

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Founder / Principle Designer: Lieve Saether

Instagram: @lievesaether


Full biography & Background

Owner and Founder, Lieve Saether has been changing the dynamic of interiors through her distinctive use of unusual combinations for 14 years with her firm Turnstyle Design. A company she founded in 2004 to shake-up the norm of design and turn it on its head (hence the name Turnstyle), she built her business to address a gap specifically aimed toward better personalization of a home.

While designed homes can at times feel formulaic, untouchable or almost museum-like, Lieve’s strengths lie in quickly understanding the unique characteristics of each homeowner she works with to highlight their loves, their quirks and push the boundaries on what becomes a direct reflection of how they aspire to live. Whimsical and playful in their approach, Lieve’s spaces have long and consistently used rich juxtapositions of color and pattern to create homes that are more thorough, artistic, approachable and layered, in other words they feel grown over time. She has extensive knowledge of color, depth of field and cultural context, allowing for any space she designs to read like a story. Her designs use pieces in unusual ways, she is known for her signature use of boundary-defying pattern play in soft furnishings and by pushing people directly out of their comfort-zone, clients consistently feedback their appreciation and joy to her, over finally being in a home that truly represents them at their best.

“A home should be comfortable, rich in its experience and a place that tells the tale of the people who live there long term. If designed properly, it demonstrates what the homeowner is like – it’s never just an inconsequential representation”. – Lieve Saether

Turnstyle Design’s ethos and philosophy has evolved directly from the multi-cultural vision of its founder, Lieve Saether. As someone who grew up constantly changing between the US and Europe, she expertly transitions through language, culture, color, texture and continues to educate those around her with an understanding of the world more broadly. Able to speak several languages, Lieve is uniquely positioned to understand a variety of backgrounds and heritage points, with a solid ability to pull from various parts of the arts or heritage origins so that each home has a valuable context in its own right. Deft with texture, feel and function, she skillfully taking a room to its most positive outcome.

Lieve grew up in an artistic home, is educated in both fine arts and art history and has along the way developed skills in everything from fine painting restoration to decorative arts. Feeling she needed to understand business well at first, she began her professional years with a dynamic corporate career, working in Brussels, London and Los Angeles, before starting her firm in earnest in Virginia. In 2006, she moved her business to Austin TX, where it is now based, regardless of projects that she continues with further afield.

Selected as one of HGTV’s Faces of Design, Lieve has also been recognized as a Fresh Home Best Interior Designer and is consistently awarded Best in Design and Service by client’s through Houzz. She has also been featured as an HGTV House Hunters Renovation designer and selected to represent Delta Faucet’s most recent product line, designing the space for, and appearing in, the broadcast advertisement as a brand partner. Lieve Saether and her team at Turnstyle Design, proudly also collaborate with Austin Chamber Music Center and Andy Roddick Foundation in set and fundraising-event design.

A full service firm, Turnstyle Design addresses all aspects of design and flexes toward the value proposition of an individual client’s needs.