Principle and owner of turnstyle design


Design is crucial to the enjoyment of our lives. That’s how Lieve Saether sees it and why she is so committed to Turnstyle’s work and the core of its philosophy. Interested and engaged in her spaces as a young child, she found herself seeking out places where she could examine how people lived and best expressed themselves. This evolved into a long love-affair with interiors. “What we surround ourselves with, communicates who we are and what we love. It helps give visual cues to those that are a part of our lives, and tells them what’s important to us”. Turnstyle was born with this in mind. Not willing to take the formulaic route, Lieve created a design firm dedicated to individuality.

As someone who believes in a life well lived, Lieve plays with style in every detail. Be it fashion, food, texture or pattern, quality and beauty are paramount. You’ll often find Lieve encouraging creativity in her children, allowing them to swing from the rafters if need be (she literally has a rope swing in her living room!) or spending time with family and friends. Lieve loves to hunt for treasure and the craft cocktail hour is a favorite way to unwind.



Photography by Erica Brown.