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Turnstyle X Moxie: Office Reorganization Before & After

Turnstyle X Moxie: Office Reorganization Before & After

Turnstyle Design recently sat down with Sara Fritsch of Moxie Space Organizers to discuss all things organization. (You can read the interview here.) After a thorough dive into the philosophy of the benefits of living in an organized home, Moxie and Turnstyle decided to put their discussion into practice. 

While we, at Turnstyle Design, have an organizational system in place, when we're busy managing and implementing numerous projects, sometimes keeping up with it doesn't take priority. So we collaborated with Moxie to help bring organization back to top of mind.

Keep scrolling to see the transformation of our design studio's inventory room. 



Excited for the prospect of a perfected space, we added some functional, but aesthetically pleasing storage options --crisp floating shelves and industrial rolling bins. We cleared out some the pieces that we could stand to let go --wallpaper scraps from projects past, excess rug pads, etc., and let Sara work her magic. 


Sara came in and sorted through all of our odds and ends. She utilized the new shelving to consolidate our Curated Collection and put the new rolling bins to use housing pillows and throws. She gave our large shelving units an overhaul -grouping like objects and shifting pieces to maximize the available space. 

Consistency is key when it comes to keeping your items organized especially in an office with so many moving parts.
— Sara Fritsch

Having a third-party come in and provide an outside perspective encouraged us to look at our space in a new way. Sara offered ideas and solutions that we had yet to think of -pushing us to look at our inventory anew therefore resulting in even more organizational solutions and progress.


Once Sara was finished, our team was inspired to take the space even further. We cleared out more unneeded inventory and sold what we could on We decided to unwrap purchases made for clients as a easy way to visually confirm what we have and what we need for our upcoming installs. As a finishing touch, we added vibrant labels for quick and easy finding of knobs, handles, harps, light bulbs, you name it!



The collaboration of Moxie Space Organizers and Turnstyle Design, resulted in a fully shop-able and well-organized inventory room the Turnstyle team can use with ease. Scroll on to see the results!

Organization is freeing!
— Lieve Saether
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