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A Turnstyle Holiday

A Turnstyle Holiday

Not many people may realize it, but as an interior designer I am often also asked to prep homes for the holidays. And what a treat that always is! The spirit of this time of year is palpable, so extending the festive feeling into my client’s homes as well, is just a very. wonderful. thing. This year was no different. We tackled a home throughout, prepping it for various holiday parties and smaller festive moments. Here’s my take on what made these holiday decorations different, as always, in our signature Turnstyle form.

Take the idea of a Christmas tree and turn it on its head


Key to how I approach any design, is to view things in an unexpected light. Taking a fresh stab at disrupting the norm on every project, leads to creative stimulation not only for my team and I, but also for the enjoyment of the homeowner. Uniqueness is meant to be celebrated, and that sentiment is intrinsic to the philosophy under which I have built my firm. No two projects ever alike – each project representative of the spirit of the homeowner who lives there and that certainly does not stop at Christmas tree.

Taking a minimalist approach, I set out to design a deconstructed Christmas tree and here is the result. With a focus on the grace and beauty of the season, my aim was to leave the tree be so that it could, in a sense, bask in the décor around it. By floating a myriad of ornaments around it, one can finally take the time to admire all the parts and pieces that make a decorated tree so great. Admiring them individually, highlights each piece and the vibrancy of the overall festive color palette.

I love taking a more contemporary approach to a holiday tree and even though this one took several days to create, it is a stunner that will aptly leave a festive impression on any mind.


Holiday flower arrangements

Never forget that floral arrangements also serve as holiday décor. They, just as easily require prepping and primping to imbue the joyful spirit serving to further enhance all of your other decorations. For this client project, I chose larger, sculptural finds so that each arrangement could have distinct structure. I also included flora that could easily dry – ensuring each bouquet stays stunning for the many weeks of celebration. Pick a color palette and make many variations on that. Through floral, one can very easily properly round out holiday décor.


Take a twist on the traditional

In my eyes, there is always room for tradition. Besides, the play of old and new is a very full-hearted way to get your sentiment across. We found a spot in the family room for this large tree and let it shine and warm up the space. Ready to get cozy around, this tree represents the heart of the home and the memories that each year took to create it. Decorated with each delicate, much beloved (and very personal) ornament, this tree is a reminder to our client of all that is worth celebrating at home.


Alongside a beautiful rich color palette of specifically curated ornaments, I designed this tree to feel easy and ready to get around. Not only does this allow the tree to come together as thoughtful and full, but it also helps set each individual memory piece apart so they are all nicely highlighted.


Go into out-of-the-box mode and help people look up

Because I approach any of my designs are like they are a fun puzzle, I strive for the creative challenge of using things in unique ways. Décor should be stirring and give you new ideas. With that notion, I looked to the soaring ceilings of this client’s family room and took my design cue directly from their beauty. With wonderful beams as my reference point, I used cathedral window frames to arrange a twinkling of ornaments ready to catch the light as it changes throughout the day. Shatter-proof glass and metal tassels provide shimmer and interest as the day winds down. And by adding such detail to the ceiling, the space feels immediately more intimate – namely, perfectly appropriate for this time of year.


In a similar vein, I wanted a graceful impact upon entering the home. Positioned to once again encourage a look up, these laurel and olive leaf wreathes provide instant appeal and signal that the holiday are happening and on full display. By using traditional pieces in new ways, we get to enjoy them from a very new perspective. Rightly so I’d say, this time of year!


Enjoy decorating for the season fully and you will enjoy time very well spent!


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