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We’re Talking Turnstyle today! After remodeling their bathroom, we sat down with the homeowners to get their perspective of the Turnstyle experience. Let’s see how they feel about the transistion from “dark and cramped” to “light and bright!”


What made you decide to remodel your bathroom?

A good timing opportunity, since we were redoing all of the flooring, we felt things would look off if it wasn’t all done together. And besides, two boys sharing a bathroom: it was time!

Were there specific problem areas you felt needed to be addressed in the room before the remodel? 

The bathroom was acting as a functional room but required an update. It was dark and cramped; it needed opening up.

What’s your favorite element in the room?

There’s more light now because of the skylight and the lighting plan was updated so it’s brighter. Turnstyle also solved the entry door to the bathroom – now that there is no longer an awkward swing – the space is more usable.

Being that this is the bathroom your two sons use the most, how are they adjusting to the new changes?

They like it better. They are easily adjusting to the room change.

Is this the first project you’ve hired Turnstyle for?

No, we started off with a kitchen update (not a full remodel).  Then we picked out new colors for the whole house, redid our son’s bedroom, and the living room was reconfigured; doors moved, shelving built-ins, etc. were added.

Why did you hire Turnstyle?

Lieve had done the other work in our home so we wanted to keep it consistent. My husband and I were at a party at her home and I found out she was an interior designer. I like the idea that she doesn’t need everything to match and she utilizes pieces from homeowner’s collections and incorporates them in the design. She still makes it flow. She fits the design with clients’ personality.

What was the most challenging part of the remodel process?

Well, as a homeowner living through such a project, it’s the reorganization. When getting floors redone and painting, everything that’s being stored needs to be removed. They tend to be items that you don’t normally think about and finding a place for them can be difficult.

Lieve Ok’d adding the bathroom remodels on top of redoing the floors so, for them, shifting tach and finding contractors in order to line up with the work being done sometimes delayed other parts of the project.

Unforeseen things can come up during a remodel and even through hiring a designer takes a lot of the stress out of it for a homeowner, remodels can still be a stressful process. Because of delays and schedule coordination, it seems like remodels don’t stick to an exact timeline. All of this was done quickly and efficiently though, with their team.

What’s been the most rewarding part of the experience?

We had carpeting before that needed to be updated. With wood floors the house looks bigger, feels more like my taste, is more updated, and it is easier to keep clean which is helpful since we have animals and children. It’s now easier to spot messes!

Given the opportunity, is this something you would choose to do in the future?

We actually have plans to do a full kitchen remodel. This round was for light aesthetic.
Lieve is always willing to do projects based on when the client is able to complete things and she keeps the rest of the house design in mind so that each room speaks to each other and flows.

See the gallery below for photos of the remodel