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What a Year! And what’s ahead | Highlights from an Austin Interior Designer

What a Year! And what’s ahead | Highlights from an Austin Interior Designer


These days, all of a sudden time flies and you’re counting days in mere days as you head to the New Year; am I right? Well, that’s how I’m feeling at least. But not necessarily a bad thing, if I use the time to reflect back on what the year has brought Turnstyle and put my creative dreaming into gear for all that lies ahead. Let’s take a look both back and forward as we soon celebrate another year.

2017 highlights:

More client projects than we have ever had! …worth a champagne pop!

Fortunately, the years have always been good to us. This year, we won awards from both HGTV and Houzz. I also had the privilege of being in a television commercial for the incredible Delta Faucets brand, with them giving Turnstyle full creative control on the space design. You can read about my experience shooting the commercial here. As additives to our client services, we can consider ourselves one lucky bunch.

I’m not sure if it’s the contagion of loving so deeply what we do, or if it’s the enormous amount of practice the years have yielded to make us great in this field, but whatever combination, this privilege of more clients and more profound projects sits at the very top of my look-back list.

My goal has always been for a nice and steady build at the crux of this business I’ve cultivated, and I am happy to continue being the tortoise here. With an all-in attitude, and a work hard, listen and solve ethos, and great team support, incredible clients continue to come our way. We’ve had nothing but a progressively tempered increase in both scale and scope of work. Each year the pace has picked up; the number of projects sneakily coming up more quickly, more numbered, upping our needs and rightly testing our abilities to meet them.

2017 was a real pusher. With several large scale projects right on top of one another, we stood tested and worked diligently to quietly pace ourselves, strengthening our internal communication further and taking each task on carefully, so as to not compromise our quality. We can be proud to have conquered keeping pace AND having had an incredible creative output. It’s indeed a fortunate professional place to be.

Locations farther afield.

…and another sip…

We’ve done projects with distant locations before, have up to this point mostly done so with either our DYI designs where the implementation and outcome sit squarely on the efforts of the client or with décor only projects across Texas, on the east coast or out in the country. This year we took on an international project, which left us feeling incredibly lucky. With plans to tackle a home so far afield, the Turnstylists rose to the occasion and problem solved like you wouldn’t believe. Even if I might be comfortable with travel and distance, not everyone can process the logistics around that so easily. I am proud of my team’s enthusiasm and willingness to come up with many solutions and to simply make it happen. This sip goes to them!

Growing pains – a big gulp

With any type of good healthy growth comes unexpected adjustment and the need to shift mindset often and at times unwillingly. Those new difficult decisions tire you out, can make you grumpy and are, at times, hard to identify. They inadvertently affect everyone around you, while you move at warp speeds trying to juggle everything in your path or stomp around trying to put your finger on what’s not going or what time is telling you needs change. And sometimes you identify an adaptation only to realize that it comes with a barrage of other changes you simply feel you are never going to catch up with.

Well you will and you are. Every business, life or continued experience comes with regular step change. As a business owner, I’ve experienced it many times and each time it sort of pops up unexpectedly. Not always easily realized or identified, but something you unmistakably feel. Step change is like that little eager brother peeking around the corner, waiting to see if you’ll antagonize or embrace him. Step change requires lots of mulling over. It requires self-examination and perhaps testing several methods before the right one is found. But, if you stop resisting the change and instead take a deep look at it, very head on, something clicks and you realize you’re ready and empowered to take it on. This adjustment requires the ability to stay focused on staying in one’s head, not going too deep into one’s heart for crazy over-analysis (yep, good luck to us on that one ladies!). 

So with the feeling of a natural upgrade in the air, mull-over and rethink as I did. This year saw us revamping and shifting many of our processes, roles and responsibilities to administer the next change. Even though no doubt some leftover details will carry into 2018, I promise you that I never regret growing pains and what they contribute in terms of growth to myself and those around me. As always supportive, thank you family, thank you friends and of course we’ll be ready for the next one.

Coming up ahead:

…ready to store another bottle please!

As I look ahead to 2018, I see two things standing the tallest:

  1. A deep focus on each individual’s growth on my team and
  2. The selection of really creatively challenging projects.

I love to teach. Not that I always knew this, but over the years, I have had many opportunities to help develop people, both in my former corporate career and in the growth of my own business. You are, as the saying goes, only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I am hell bent on making sure they are prepared ones!  It’s something I look forward to each day – passing on knowledge, explaining a why or how and really discovering what each person’s individual goals are and how I might help them get there. I’ve always run Turnstyle Design more like an apprenticeship – I want hands-on, tactile touch from my staff, and the willingness to get to the bottom of each and every corner. For a small business, that familial closeness is imperative to everyone feeling and serving at their best; myself included. So 2018 will largely center on that. How can we continue to build Turnstyle into a brand that nurtures its people and where people nurture the brand?

As for greatly creative projects, I will as always continue to seek out (and politely decline those that aren’t) projects that are boundless in spirit. That doesn’t have to mean budget per se, but it does mean projects that trust in the gorgeous push that gets us out of our usual and instead into our best selves. Space discovery through unusual things, tangibles and experiential occurrences – truly ensuring the effort of design was well worth its yield to a homeowner and gives them happiness. As I always say, it is after all a generous gift we give ourselves, hiring a designer!

I remain inspired

If you or someone you know is looking to be inspired, please touch base with us.

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