How to curate an art collection for your home

If there’s one thing that has been important to me throughout my career as an interior designer, it’s incorporating art into every project. Art has the power to evoke such strong emotion and curating an art collection of your own is a process that can be both enjoyable and rewarding—but also somewhat daunting. I’m sharing a few tips I bring all of my clients through, when we’re creating a space that represents their lifestyle and bringing in art to match. By the end of this post, my hope is that you’ll be able to use, curate and look for art with confidence.

Incorporating technology into your home—how to stay stylish, while keeping up with new tech

Unless you’re in the middle of building your new home from the ground up, chances are you’re debating on whether you should add more tech to your home. We all realize where the world is headed, yet the idea of a “smart-home” seems at times too complicated to execute.

We agree—well, partially. For most of us leading busy, technology-filled lives, a total revamp and integration of more tech does not make sense. Aside from the time-commitment, tech integration doesn’t align with most homes’ existing structures. Not to mention the enormous costs that accompany taking your 1930’s bungalow and rewiring to enable voice command. However, if done right, a few changes here and there will bring you to the present century AND help influence how you’re able to spend your time.

So let’s take a look at some of the favorite things we’ve recently incorporated into homes, new and old. It is, after all, the small touches that are often most meaningful.

Wanting to incorporate color back into your home now that it’s “in style” again? Read this first.

It’s official. According to ELLE decor, Homepolish, The New Daily and more, color is making its comeback. While I’m excited my clients and peers will be eager to experiment with color again— au revoir stark white rooms—I’m sad that anyone ever felt color had left at all!  Color is in our identity and, when we treat it as such, it grows to be much more than just a fleeting trend.

Color has been an intrinsic part of Turnstyle since its founding. We believe color is in our human nature, a sixth sense, an instinct. Color is able to take us to places we faintly remember, as well as to the most vibrant memories that we hold dear. Incorporating color into your home is no easy feat but, if done correctly, it is the perfect way to symbolize who you are, where you came from and what you relate to.

You simply can’t grow tired of the free associations, or nostalgia one has to color.Your own personality or  inherent feelings—all of the things color is able to emote.

When I think about examples to showcase this way of thinking, two previous projects come to mind:


For those of us that are fortunate enough to own older homes (hands down my preference, always), we are often asked whether all the various wood species need to match once renovating and remodeling comes into play. The assumption is that by adding in new wood floors, or wood cabinets, all must go exactly with anything pre-existing items that are on the ‘keep’ list, lest any new items feel out of place. Well, I am here to reassure you that diversity is a very good thing!