Bring the Inside Out: Designing Your Outdoor Space

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for endless days and nights spent outdoors with friends and family. When it comes to outdoor living, we often overlook the possibility of expanding our living spaces outside of the home, and creating a space outdoors that equally reflects the same style and personality that we showcase indoors. There are several things to keep in mind when designing an outdoor living space that will ensure a beautiful escape, without all the fuss.

How to curate an art collection for your home

If there’s one thing that has been important to me throughout my career as an interior designer, it’s incorporating art into every project. Art has the power to evoke such strong emotion and curating an art collection of your own is a process that can be both enjoyable and rewarding—but also somewhat daunting. I’m sharing a few tips I bring all of my clients through, when we’re creating a space that represents their lifestyle and bringing in art to match. By the end of this post, my hope is that you’ll be able to use, curate and look for art with confidence.